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chicken chasing eggs escaping

Help Pox collect the eggs before his fuel runs out!

Your adventure will take you through stunning environments: Play on land, sea and even in the air with dozens of planes, boats, cars and special vehicles to choose from!

Mix and match hats, glasses and masks to personalise Pox and the eggs with hundreds of cool combinations that you can use while playing and share with your friends!

Chicken Pox will be packed full of goodies such as crazy obstacles to dodge, awesome power ups to use, multiplayer features, mini-games and so much more!

We'll share more info soon! Visit the Chicken Pox facebook page for regular updates!

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Over 50 unique chicken concepts were drawn before we picked Pox's final appearance!

Game Fact

Pox's red beanie is one of dozens of accessories that can be equipped in-game. Mix and match hats glasses and masks to personalise Pox's appearance while you play!

Game Fact

Did you know... there are more chickens on Earth than humans! Be nice to them.

Chicken Fact

When released in 2018 Chicken Pox will be the first title from indie studio Nosy Jones.

Developer Fact

Pox can drive different vehicles!

Game Fact
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